The unit comprises the group of Hanns Ulrich Zeilhofer and the independent group headed of Dietmar Benke.
The Zeilhofer group focuses on sensory processing on the spinal cord circuits and on pain. The research focus of the Benke group is trafficking of G-protein coupled receptors and protein-protein interactions of GABA-B receptors.

Latest NEWS


Also the latest paper from Martina Pagani in Neuron:

"How gastrin-releasing peptide opens the spinal gate for itch"

Please get the paper on the left side at "new publications"


Here Noémie Frézél's latest paper in Pain Reports:

"Does toe clipping for genotyping interfere with later-in-life nociception in mice?"

You can find here paper on the left side at "new publications"; Frézél et al.



Here the latest paper from the Santello_Lab:

Astrocytes of the frontal cortex are quite unique in the way they clear transmitters!

You can get the paper on the left side at "new publications": Romanos et al.


Publication on "SCN2A"

Please see "new publications": Begemann et al.


Confirmation of a labeled line for itch in the spinal cord:

Please see "new publications": Albisetti et al.