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Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology Neuropharmacology


The unit comprises the group of Hanns Ulrich Zeilhofer and the independent group headed by Dietmar Benke.
The Zeilhofer group focuses on sensory processing on the spinal cord circuits and on pain. The research of the Benke group addresses the trafficking of G-protein coupled receptors and protein-protein interactions of GABA-B receptors.

Latest NEWS

Gioele Albisetti's latest publication in NEURON

Inhibitory Kcnip2 neurons of the spinal dorsal horn control behavioral sensitivity to environmental cold
"Albisetti et al. have developed a new tool (‘‘roxed Cre’’) for intersectional targeting of inhibitory Kcnip2 neurons of the spinal dorsal horn. They show that these neurons are key elements of neural circuits that control sensitivity to environmental cold in mice. The neurons may also contribute to cold-induced analgesia.”

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