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Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology

Pioneering Hybrid Optoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging Systems: A New Era in Medical Imaging

Hybrid Imaging Triumph

Congratulations to Berkan Lafci on achieving his PhD by developing a cutting-edge optoacoustic ultrasound system, ushering in a new frontier in medical imaging.

Berkan Lafci's groundbreaking work on the development of Transmission-Reflection Optoacoustic Ultrasound (TROPUS) system holds remarkable promise for the future of medical imaging. This revolutionary system uniquely integrates optical and acoustic contrast, thereby delivering high-resolution functional, anatomical, and molecular information.

The TROPUS system's unprecedented synergy of optical and acoustic imaging offers a more comprehensive understanding of physiological structures and processes. By facilitating the acquisition of intricate anatomical, functional, and molecular data, this innovative imaging technique may significantly enhance diagnostic capabilities and foster advancements in various medical and scientific fields.

The academic community warmly congratulates Lafci for his significant achievement and eagerly anticipates the potential benefits his research might yield in advancing our understanding of human health and disease.