Hardware and Software Requirements

Disclaimer: This product is not a computer program, but rather a collection of HTML documents and associated media. Software to display the documents (Browser, Helpers, Plug-Ins) is not part of the product.


The CDROM should be compatible with virtually any computer system (Windows, MacOS, Unix, etc.), because it is written in the ISO-9660 standard format, the "least common denominator" for CDROMs. The recommendations below may help to determine whether your hardware is an adequate platform for this CDROM.

Display. The pages require a screen size of 1024x768 pixels. With smaller resolutions, you will have to do more scrolling. Furthermore, a color mode with thousands of colors is recommended (15 bits per pixel or more).

Processor speed & memory. A 90 MHz CPU with 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended) is the minimum configuration. A less potent system will work, but you may need more patience.

CDROM drive. A 4x speed drive is required, faster is preferable.

Any operating system for which viewer software is available.


An HTML-browser (Web-browser) is required to display the pages. We recommend Netscape 3 or 4, or MS Internet Explorer 4. Other browsers may work as well. The browser must support frames and should be capable to run Java-scripts, Java applets, and QuickTime movies. Try the test pages from the Demo ("Read this first") to check your browser.

QuickTime must be installed on your system to play the videos.

For Windows 9x/NT/3.1x and MacOS systems, authorized installation packages of Netscape Navigator and QuickTime are included on the CDROM.

The following software combinations have been tested so far:

Other hardware and software configurations are likely to work as well. However, MS Internet Explorer 3 is not recommended because of its interpretation of JavaScripts and poor performance.

Last updated 11/01/99,

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