Research in the Department centers around five main subjects, each represented by one or more research groups. We present an overview of the groups below. Please click on the links at left or on the photos to visit each section's webpage!

  Prof. Dr. Hans Ulrich Zeilhofer

Signal Transduction
PD Dr. Dietmar Benke

Cortical pain processing in migraine
Dr. Mirko Santello

  Prof. Dr. Jean-Marc Fritschy

Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience
Dr. Shiva Tyagarajan

Dr. Edith Schneider Gasser

  Prof. Dr. Michael Arand

Molecular Imaging and Functional Pharmacology
  Prof. Dr. Markus Rudin

Experimental Imaging and Neuroenergetics
  Prof. Dr. Bruno Weber

Chronobiology and Sleep Research
  Prof. Dr. Steven Brown

Environmental Sleep Biology and Modeling
Prof. Dr. Peter Achermann

Human Sleep Pharmacology
Prof. Dr. Hanspeter Landolt